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The patch is focused on finding out bugs and issues that people have found.

Notable bug fixes are:

fastened horses popping out to suffocate once touching walls
fastened animals escaping their pens
Improved sprinting behavior
On Mac, holding Ctrl whereas left-clicking presently counts as a right-click
Custom fonts look higher

Minecraft one.6.2 modification Log

[MC-149] – powered pistons drop as things in inventive
[MC-1545] – Player’s and Horses head whereas riding having strange behaviour once observing the skin inside the inventory
[MC-2025] – Animals going out of closed areas/suffocate in blocks once loading chunks
[MC-2840] – Chat concurrency issues
[MC-2841] – Packet flood degrades server peformance
[MC-5770] – once putt a proof before water it keeps running
[MC-7486] – unfree Chest appears like Regular Chest in inventory / item frame
[MC-12962] – offensive wild Wolves with any fairly projectiles (Arrows, Snowballs, Potions) will cause any shut tamed Wolves to attack their owner
[MC-13167] – Reloading a world whereas player is in moving Minecart or riding a horse is glitchy in F5 mode
[MC-13632] – Horses ar typically pushed into blocks then take suffocation injury
[MC-13695] – Ctrl+Click = Right Click on macintosh not operational
[MC-13949] – Leads attached to mobs drop as things once right clicked in inventive
[MC-14157] – Numlock Enter not recognized as return
[MC-14359] – Direct Connect does not bear in mind port
[MC-14415] – rope a locality of the leash turns invisible in some angles
[MC-15024] – fodder blocks can’t be crafted back to wheat
[MC-15161] – flying crosshair once on a saddled horse
[MC-15547] – “Nether-Fortress-Only” Mobs not spawning in previously generated Fortresses
[MC-16170] – Unarmored horses appear as sporting diamong armor
[MC-16222] – Baby Zombies unit of measurement method too fast
[MC-16267] – Cannot modification Horse Armor like Player Armor by clicking with another armor piece on slot
[MC-16761] – Sprint does not happen promptly
[MC-17673] – Distorted fonts once using a reborn texturepack on startup
[MC-18365] – Breaking sound and particles appear once swing water/lava into another provide block
[MC-18627] – The “clear” command is inflicting a player in inventive mode to be unable to maneuver things in their inventory.
[MC-18828] – /clear command causes problems with animations of management things
[MC-18976] – Health boost resets further health every thirty seconds
[MC-19082] – Signs placed on Fences don’t have Text
[MC-19585] – associate attempt|attempting} to leap on AN barebacked Horse, then mobilization it with a saddle makes the Horse jump automatically
[MC-19592] – one.5.2 shoppers show server one.6.1 as 1.3 in Multiplayer screen
[MC-19599] – Item Dupe
[MC-19605] – the /playsound command does not work with @a once >1 player passes the question
[MC-20050] – Minecraft one.6.1 demo has crashed
[MC-21145] – Demo crashes once unable to look out ‘name’ of a positive mousebutton
[MC-21172] – resourcepack crashes
[MC-21436] – nested colors in json chat don’t work
[MC-22315] – Item Duplication by Mules/Donkeys
[MC-22401] – Cannot decide block lead in inventive.


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